New Project 68

At All Star Baby Safety, we are on constant alert for new products that will help parents keep children safe. Since entering the child safety field in 1997, Tom Treanor has personally tested, and evaluated over 1000 gates, cabinet locks, window guards, outlet covers, corner cushions, and miscellaneous door locks. Often new products are mailed to us for review and testing before being sold on the market. Many of these products do not meet our quality standards and fortunately don’t make it to market, unfortunately some do. The criteria we use to determine which products we will recommend and install centers around four main objectives:

1. Safety
2. Durability
3. Ease of use
4. Appearance

Let us take the guess work out of it for you. Stop wasting your money on shipping and handling charges for gates that just won’t fit or locks that just snap off. Put down the drill and spend your free time with that curious child. Call us today ! 

Let us supply and install the very best

• Stairway gates
• Cabinet locks
• Window Guards
• Plexi Glass
• Furniture Straps
• Toilet Lid Locks
• Electrical wires and plugs
• Corner Cushions

New Project 67