Window Bar Scam Freeport Long Island

Posted by: Tom Treanor on October, 14, 2012

Baby Proofing Windows

Freeport N.Y,Housing Authority (our chosen leaders who we give “authority” to) have purchased $250,00.00 in new custom windows and have paid some labor as well to install. The problem now is they say they can not child proof the new windows and will have to sell them as junk.

"Window Safety Stop"

How to baby proof casement window

Besides the obvious question, Why are they not fired?  I ask , why did they not call an Advanced Certified Professional Child Proofer ?   Before wasting taxpayer dollars ask someone with more knowledge about the job you need to do. Contractors are not child proofers and if you had called I would certainly worked out a deal on all the windows that need baby proofing.  As of yet I have not received a call from anyone?

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Do you have windows that seem impossible to childproof?

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