Baby Proofing or Child Proofing your home

Posted by: Tom Treanor on April, 09, 2014

Child proofing your home should be done before the baby is even born. Once the baby arrives you will find little time if any to do anything but care for the new baby. If the baby has already arrived and you don’t have time to do your own child proofing at home you may want […]

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Baby proofing, Not so simple?

Posted by: Tom Treanor on February, 04, 2013

Baby proofing your home sounds like the cheapest and easiest part of being a dad.  For this reason it might be the last thing on your “to do list”.  Don’t be surprised when you open those baby gates mommy  registered for, (when you lived in an apartment without stairs), and find out this might take up your […]

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