Baby Proofing and Child Proofing With a Pool Fence

Posted by: Tom Treanor on April, 09, 2014

The happiest years of your life will start when your baby is born. They will also be some of the most stressful years due to the worry you may feel about safety issues in your home. That’s why it is so important to take baby proofing seriously. Some people may install electric socket covers and […]

Baby Proofing or Child Proofing your home

Posted by: Tom Treanor on April, 09, 2014

Child proofing your home should be done before the baby is even born. Once the baby arrives you will find little time if any to do anything but care for the new baby. If the baby has already arrived and you don’t have time to do your own child proofing at home you may want […]

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How to Professionally Install Baby Gates on Uneven Surface and Railings

Posted by: Tom Treanor on November, 29, 2012

If have a baby in the home from age 6-24 months, you probably have a need for at least one baby gate. As a local installer of baby gates and baby proofing products in the the Manhattan, Westchester and Long Island areas since 1998, I’ve installed a lot of baby gates. It may seem straightforward […]

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Window Bar Scam Freeport Long Island

Posted by: Tom Treanor on October, 14, 2012

Baby Proofing Windows Freeport N.Y,Housing Authority (our chosen leaders who we give “authority” to) have purchased $250,00.00 in new custom windows and have paid some labor as well to install. The problem now is they say they can not child proof the new windows and will have to sell them as junk. Besides the obvious […]

Professional Baby Proofing Standards – IAFCS

Posted by: Tom Treanor on August, 25, 2011

It’s that time of year again when all professional child proofers get together and share their trade tips, secrets and problems. As a member of the IAFCS  since 1999 All-star baby safety considers their attendance mandatory to remain the leader in the childproofing industry on long island and new York city. For three days, new […]