Pool Safety Fences

All Star Baby Safety has been providing pool safety fences on Long Island since 1999.

We specialize in protecting your children, and your neighbor’s children from the natural hazards of your swimming pool. We offer the finest pool fence available to fit your budget.  Self Closing, Auto Lock gates are now available in square and arched frames.

Our fences can be easily removed and stored when not in use and replaced within a matter of minutes when a barrier is desired. Pool safety fences provide convenient adult access and are an ideal choice for frequent pool users.

  • It’s attractive and it’s transparent
  • You won’t need to tolerate an obstructed view of your pool through a wood, vinyl, or aluminum fence
  • It’s safe, so – with the proper adult supervision – all children will remain safe.

A removable pool fence is typically available in 42, 48 and 60 inch heights. Most pool owners choose the 48 inch height.

Our installers can customize our pool safety fences to follow the outline of the pool, go up steps, or attach to existing fences on the property. Our custom pool fence solutions allow almost any configuration. While it is not advisable to install entirely in dirt or grass areas, we do offer special sleeves that can provide protection for those areas. Pool safety fences are ideally installed in solid concrete.

Pool fence, Removable, mesh
Mesh pool fence installed in soil

Mesh pool fence installed in soil

Pool Fence Tips

A pool fence is THE most important backup you can have in place to direct supervision of a toddler near the home pool. However, the most effective results come from the actual placement of a pool fence.

The idea behind the fence is that the pool area should be completely isolated from the rest of the house and property when not in use and under supervision. That means that the fenced pool area should not be designed to encourage (or require) pathways from one part of the property to another. There should be NO REASON to open the gate unless the pool is being used for swimming and swimming alone.

The gate’s ability to spring CLOSE itself and LOCK itself is paramount to a successful system. A gate that does not do this is at severe risk with toddlers or small children around the house.
Just one forgetful person, child or adult, leaving the gate unclosed could result in a drowning incident and render the pool fence completely useless.

Remember, your pool fence system is just one of several ‘layers’ of protection against drowning. To keep a pool safe environment for all, it must be used in conjunction with:

  • Supervision
  • House perimeter door alarms
  • Locked doors
  • Swimming lessons