Custom Baby Gates Long Island

Posted by: Tom Treanor on March, 20, 2013

Sure they look good but….

I’ve seen this mistake twice this week… both times customers reportedly paid over $2000.00 per gate.  The 2-3 inch inch space between the gate and the top step is completely unacceptable.  Most children will be attracted to the gate after an adult walks through it.  At this point it is far too simple for a small foot to get trapped or simply broken on the fall through such a gap.

What not to do

, What not to do


My second concern with this particular gate is the locking mechanism. The parents may have been partially to blame for this. Mom stated that she didn’t like the look of anything else. Not only is the lock on the wrong side of this gate but it is a simple latch that only needs top be lifted out of the receptor.  This is bad enough in and of itself but probably the most dangerous part of the gate is that there is no stabilization for downward pressure. If a child stand on the gate it will hit the floor.

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