Child Proofing Service; Worth It?

Posted by: Tom Treanor on March, 15, 2013


Of Course you need to child proof, but just how much?  Should you listen to your Mom, who let you play with the mercury from a broken thermometer?  You sister who bubble wrapped her whole apartment? Or the professional child proofer who makes at least $100,000 a year selling and installing toilet paper protectors?


Lets be clear, Your main objective is to keep you son or daughter out of the emergency room. Bumps and bruises will go away. The mental anguish and feeling of failure as a parent will hang around much longer. What will last even less time than the bumps and bruises are the impossible to stick corner cushions.  Its a guarantee that as soon as your little one sees the new foamy toy thingy in his domain, he will most certainly peel iy free from its intended location.  Getting it to re-stick is like try to reseal an envelope.  Just throw it away or get out the duct tape.


Depending upon your skills with tools, it may be cost effective to hire one of those professional child proofers.  Someone who is certified, moral and has the experience can not only guide you in the best product to use, but they can save you some money in repairs should you slip with the drill while installing gates or furniture straps.


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Tom Treanor is an Advanced Certified Professional Child Proofer.