About Us

Tom Treanor is an experienced baby proofer with over 12 years experience in baby proofing residential homes in the New York area. He provides on-site consultations for small apartments to some of the largest day care centers in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. He is also a frequent “Child Safety Expert” guest on many national T.V. shows.

His hard work and dedication in the field of child proofing is one of the reasons that in 2011 he was awarded the ADVANCED CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL CHILDPROOFER designation by the International Association of Child Safety.

Not only has Tom mastered the art of keeping children safe in their homes, but for families with automobiles, Tom has been Nationally Certified as a Child Passenger Safety Technician.

In August 2009, Tom’s expertise mixed with his personal life when he and his wife welcomed their son, Cole Thomas Treanor into their childproofed home. Product testing then became an everyday task, and if possible has made him an even better baby proofer.

Tom certainly puts the “PRO” in baby PROofing”.